The Secret of Finding a Career Breakthrough

Finding a breakthrough in your career can be tough if you don’t know your mistakes! Have you ever wondered to yourself that despite all the efforts and hard work you invest, you are not being able to move ahead. What is the reason that it’s always others who seem to be lucky and not you? Why have you not tasted the sweetness of your career breakthrough yet? Why reaching success is still a dream in spite of putting all efforts? Well, there are a lot many reasons behind this fortune!

Mistakes are natural and we humans tend to make a lot of mistakes. At times those are negligible, but at times it can cost you a lot. Be that as it may, there may be some career decisions that can have a silver-lining. “Mistakes are good if you can learn from them. But when a mistake becomes a habit, it becomes a problem.”  Well, it can’t be more true than that!

Let’s discuss the 4 key elements!

Learn to accept

When things go wrong, you start fighting against it instead of understanding what made it go wrong. Accept the reality and learn to move on. Remember, fighting will make you weak but accepting will make you learn new things. At such moments, learn to accept and give yourself a break. And maybe you’ll find your career breakthrough somewhere round the corner.

Reality will always catch you up

There may be many bad happenings you witness from your past experiences, but holding on to them is not a solution. If you are extremely unhappy and unsatisfied at your workplace, it’s always better to find another opportunity rather than just sticking to it because this will not lead you to any growth.

Make things work out

Okay, so you want to be successful, but that can come only over a period of time frame. Have a goal and want it to work out instantly without putting in the actual effort required? Bad idea!

Do not curse, if unsuccessful

Failure and success go hand-in-hand. They are the two sides of the same coin. Just because you could not achieve what you wanted does not mean you should underestimate the importance of appreciation and happiness. Learn to stay happy today, irrespective of what situation you are in. This is what will lead you to success and happiness tomorrow. Make yourself free so that you can accept something healthier and more fulfilling.

Creating your own breakthrough in you career

If the idea of career breakthrough makes you think whether you’ve had any or not, believe me you’ve not yet had it. You will come to know if you’ve had a breakthrough because this will really be a remarkable event.

Know yourself and give respect to what you care for

It does not matter whether you are on the verge of career breakthrough or not, it is always good to know yourself first, to know what you actually want and to understand what you actually care for. It is not possible to have a happy and satisfied career unless you know yourself.

When you are stuck in something miserable and don’t find a way out, it does not necessarily mean that you are not good or unskilled. It means that you are trying to conquer something which is not that valuable to you and you do not care much about it. Even if you had achieved it, that achievement would not have been of much value to your success. Focusing on something that you personally do not value much is not going to be worthy. Hence, know yourself first and care for what you value.

Skip what’s not working for long

As discussed earlier, we humans tend to fight instead of accepting. We invest a lot of time in trying to fix things, when in actual fact we need to let it go. We generally forget that the things we are holding to can be replaced with something much better. This happens when an individual is overly attached to something and expects a lot from it. For instance- “I really deserved that designation”,”I’m owed that appraisal”,”I had a good experience and should have gotten that job”.

Life is not always the way it looks! When one is overly attached to his expectations, he starts battling between what is happening and what he wants. In other words, if you missed that opportunity, you need to examine whether you really want that job and if yes, did you fulfill the employer’s requirement? If not, you should work on yourself first.

Not every step you take will be the right one

So, if you think that the job you expected was actually right for you at this stage of life, you would have gotten that opportunity, right? The failure to grab hold of this opportunity is a clear indication that you deserve something else at this stage and if this is the case, move ahead with it. Having that opportunity may be right for you but it may not be the right step.

You probably do not always know what is right for you, but you can surely trust that whenever something is taken away, it’s only because you outperformed it.

Train your mind for what you want and what you don’t

Many times, we witness things that affect our minds directly in a negative manner which blocks our ability to make a positive move towards it. One has to let that go, release that subconscious block so that we can focus on creating more opportunities and success. If you fail to take this step, your subconscious thought will become a barrier between you and your growth. You have to learn to say “no” to things you do not want and by doing this you can create a life which you really want.

Prioritize appreciation and happiness

Many people think that if an individual works hard, he will achieve success. And if he is successful, he will ultimately be happy. But is this really the case? Would you really be successful if you got that designation or that appraisal or that job? Think again!

Researches have revealed that success  comes to those who are happy and not the other way round. Positivity attracts positivity. Be the energy that you want to attract. Having a positive mind can result in a person becoming more energetic, imaginative and engaged, and therefore promotes higher efficiency as well.


So, the bottom line is that we should take conscious efforts to reprogram our subconscious minds, so that we can benefit from the advantage of having the control to create more success and happiness.

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