Mind Numbing Facts About Finding Breakthrough In Career

Many times we put in a lot of efforts to achieve breakthrough in our career. But on the other hand, we face struggles and there are times when many of us find it very difficult to come out from that struggling phase and find that moment of breakthrough that we are eyeing for. If you feel stuck or know someone going through that rough patch in their career, then you are at the right place!! In fact, sometimes such moments breakdowns are necessary in order to experience a breakthrough in your career.

Below are 9 things you can do to find your breakthrough!

Extend your usual comfort zone

In any case, how would you discover thoughts for new activities? Most importantly you need to get mindful of your present behaviour. Break out of them and explore new territory. Something out of your usual comfort zone. Go to that party or take some time to be alone. Go to a seminar alone and start a discussion with the individual sitting close to you. Contact somebody on social media who has an expertise on particular field and ask specific questions. Many successful people are willing to share even without any return of favour. So reach out to them, as you will never know what’s awaiting for you. Most important of all: start moving!

The way up starts from the bottom

At the point when your present employment trajectory has plateaued or become worse, you may dread the stagnant status or being terminated. But it can be an ideal breakthrough opportunity. However, you need to start working on new activities, things you didn’t try previously. Or else nothing will change.

The golden rule of 3 

At the point when you are searching for new activities, you ought to understand yourself. Apply the 3 golden questions to all that you do: Do I truly like this? Am I ready to do this truly well? Last but not the least: Is this activity in accordance with my principles? When the answer is ‘yes’ for all these 3 questions, the activities will be aligned to your values and you are well on your way to breakthrough.

Be Fearless

In the event that you feel a sense of uncertainty, try to find out the reason that is holding you back from action. These can be negative thoughts like: ‘I’m never going to make it’ or ‘I don’t have the money for it’ or ‘I am risking my job for it’. These self-doubts will keep you in your comfort zone. Have the courage to overcome these limiting beliefs and you will increase the odds of success in achieving a breakthrough in your career.

It is okay to make mistakes

Whenever there are opportunities to try out new things, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. These mistakes are valuable as you can learn and improve from them. Once you have overcome the fear of making mistakes, you will be able to grow and develop yourself and achieve your goals faster. 

Do not fret on opportunities that have been lost

It is okay if you tried something and did not work out the way you wanted. But at least you tried it. Don’t beat yourself on it. The experience of attempting will be better than regretting that you ‘never have tried’. People, who never attempt, will inevitably arrive at the land of missed opportunities. There is no use crying over spilled milk. Instead of spending unproductive time regretting, grab the opportunity when it arises even when you feel fearful of the uncertainty ahead.

Reinvent Yourself

At the point when you are still stuck in the same position despite trying multiple ways to breakthrough, it’s time to reinvent yourself. Consider the qualities & talents that you have. Examine how you have used them in your current or previous job, see how you can focus on your strength to create a career breakthrough. Likewise, list down what personal assets you possess but are not putting them to good use at work right now. Perhaps you are good at drawing, writing, cooking, designing, and so on. Explore ways on how you can, make use of these hidden talents and qualities of yours to enhance your work productivity and quality.

Draw connection from your work, experience and skills

Explore beyond your principal work or experience. Categorise these activities into a few buckets, and explore how they can be connected. Create a new ways of work or new fields that you can start working on. As such you will find new opportunities based on the qualities that you already possess.

Don’t look too far for answers

When searching for new challenges, people often are inclined to look far away for an answer. However, new possibilities might already be at your doorstep, just that you don’t see them yet. Your own will and desires may be the ones blinding you from these opportunities. So, change your perspective and keep an open mind. Usually, it’s a matter of breaking away from your present behavioral patterns and applying other combination of qualities, so as to give a kick start the engine of your breakthrough in business or career.

Let’s stop overthinking, and start taking massive action to achieve breakthrough!

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