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Achieving great things requires being smart and surrounding yourself with smart people

Team-Carepital August 17, 2020

The bigger the goal, the more complex the planning; the more complex the planning, the more difficult the goal’s execution; the more difficult the execution, the more dependent the brains behind the project will be on the creative, intellectual and moral support of others.

This mutual backing works best in the form of a brain trust – a select group of intelligent people.

A brain trust is a union of like-minded people, which, contrary to a network – which is a more casual cooperation between partners – focuses on defining a common goal, developing competencies and having a system of checks and balances.

The most important principle of a brain trust is its synergistic effect: if two or more people who work well with one another combine their skills, talents, specialist knowledge, experiences, relationships and all other resources and use them to accomplish the same shared goal, the results will be more than just a sum of its parts: it’s a surplus with which you can achieve things you could have never achieved alone.