Value Investing

Learn How To Start Investing In Stocks!

You will learn the key FINANCIALS and METRICS in order to get started investing in stocks.

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KEYS To Successful Investing Are Hidden In The Financials Of Businessess

What Will Be Covered

  • Identify sources of profits as an investor. Understand how growth in corporate's earnings translate to dividends and/or capital gain for the investor.
  • Read income statement like a Pro. You will learn what the key figures mean, as well as important metrics such as Earnings Per Share, P/E Ratio and EBIT.
  • Read balance sheet like a Pro. You will learn how to assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company, through important metrics such as Current Ratio, Interest Coverage Ratio and Debt-To-Equity Ratio.
  • Read cash flow statement like a Pro. You will be able to differentiate what the 3 sections in the statement signify - operating, investing and financing, as well as the importance of Free Cash Flow.
  • Finally you will some other key metrics that value investors use, including Return-On-Equity and Return-On-Invested-Capital.

Learn How To Start Investing In Stocks!

Key FINANCIALS and METRICS to look out for when investing in value businesses

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